Antivirus for Mac

Until a few years ago juxtapose words such as viruses, malware and Trojans to the Mac seemed almost impossible, given the characteristics of Apple computers. But in 2008 the house of Apple launches the first alarm systems OS urges users to install an antivirus, very explicit signal that the Mac may be vulnerable as PCs. Safety is a real problem.
The increased risk is due to the greater spread of the Mac platform, if years ago hackers manufacturers of viruses and malware ignored Apple computers, this does not mean that they are immune to viruses, on the contrary this false security was rather built on lack of interest malignant because it was much easier to infect Windows based PC that accounted for 95 % of the market.
Being based on the Unix platform, build viruses for Mac is simply more difficult but far from impossible, as events have shown recently. In fact, the viruses that attack the operating system directly , exploit inherent weaknesses of other programs such as browsers, a few weeks the famous Flashback virus has infected more than 600 thousand Mac passing through the Safari browser to surf the Internet.

Here is a table with the names of the most prevalent malware :

Among the channels of infection, we note the file taken from file sharing sites like Emule or Torrent via plugins for video playback or Java. The false security that are immune OSX makes it easier for hackers who see it as an easy prey, at least until Mac users install appropriate anti-virus.

Understood the need to install special software , we see what solutions exist on the market. If the PC antivirus are now many, a few years have created special security software for OS X:MacKepeer of Zeoprofit was one of the first to be completely designed for OS X, in addition to being a good antivirus that combines other types of protection for OS X are even more fundamental : identity theft , phishing, and malware by infected files.
In addition to the security and protection of data, the program can be considered a complete suite to clean and speed up your Mac optimizing and removing all unnecessary files that clog up the system in the long run , making it slower.
And the launch will be faster and the hard drive will work more easily at maximum speed.
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New Trojan for Mac users on Dalai Lama site

The F -Secure and Intego discovered last week a new Trojan horse called Dockster. This new plague infects computers with Mac OS X that visit a site related to Dalai Lama, the famous Tibetan religious leader.

According to F -Secure, once installed , the trojan has the ability to capture the keys of infected machines (acting as a spyware) and can also allow malicious hackers to download and execute additional malware.

The good news is that the vulnerability used by the pest is related to Java and has been corrected by Oracle. The gap used is the same that has infected more than 600 thousand Macs this year and was used by the malware known as Flashback. However, even if the necessary corrections and adjustments to the problem have been released by Oracle and Apple , users who still use old plants or changed the default settings can still be contaminated.
The Dockster is not the first threat directed specifically to pro- Tibetan activists. Earlier this year, researchers discovered another malware , which targeted organizations and individuals sympathetic to Tibet in its conflict with the Chinese government.
Contamination through the site already happening at least since the 27th of November, according to F -Secure.
The site also has a version of the plague facing the Windows operating system, but apparently it does not work.
Either way it is important that all users avoid visiting this site, regardless of which system they are using.